To anyone who thinks the Keystone XL pipeline is a good thing,

No. You’re wrong.

I have friends in those tree sits right now; people I’ve shared meals with, nearly been arrested with, people who are literally putting their lives on the line to defend our planet. The pipeline violates indigenous sovereignty, and both governments (the U.S. and Canada) have ignored this fact in the name of profits. This pipeline will spill oil into the water of tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people. The clear cutting in east Texas right now is destroying trees that are hundreds of years old, and destroying the habitat of thousands of animals. TransCanada has stolen land from people through eminent domain (shock, corporation using the State) and refuses to talk about how fucking detrimental to the environment tar sands oil is.

This is ecological class warfare. The State will pump millions if not billions of dollars into this project, while there are kids who go to bed hungry in this country. No matter how many low paying jobs this pipeline creates, the billionaires who own stock in TransCanada are the only ones who stand to gain, and they don’t give a FUCK how much damage the pipeline does to the land.

Look up Tar Sands Blockade. Support them however you can. We only have this one planet to live on; there’s no second chance. The Earth provides us with everything we need to survive; no compromise in its defense against capitalism and the State.