This school to work, work to school, school to work bullshit is getting a bit old tbh

Productive day in work so far…

Productive day in work so far…

I wrote a pretty great introduction and thesis, this justifies an hour break right??

You know it’s gonna be a good (bad) night when you pour that first cup of coffee at 8:30 pm.

Ted is back!!!! #RoomieLove #RoomieLoveHashtagRevival

Ted is back!!!! #RoomieLove #RoomieLoveHashtagRevival


10.000 antifascists march in Athens where Pavlos Fyssas was murdered by neonazis 1 year ago

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Athens: Riot follows a large scale police attack on a 10.000 antifa demo for Pavlos Fyssas

18 September 2014. No words can really describe what happened during the protest for the murder of antifascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas (Killah P), exactly one year ago on September 18, 2013 by 40-50 neonazis in Keratsini, Athens, Greece.

No words can describe it, simply because different people experienced different levels of police brutality in a lot of different places across the big antifa protest of at least 10.000 people.
And this happened because almost 40 minutes after the beginning of the antifascist march, suddenly scores of riot policemen attempted to encircle the massive anarchist bloc, but were met with strong resistance, so the police proceeded to attack the bloc with the aid of asphyxiating gas and flash bang grenades.

Antifascists were forced to respond with molotov and petrol bombs (as depicted in the video) to delay the police attack and to gain some distance between them, so that people may protect themselves better.

Following the riot police attack, the demo was then forced to split in 3 different segments, that followed completely different routes, chased by hundreds of riot policemen and after many consecutive brutal attacks in the narrow streets of Kerachini people continued to split up in many smaller parts, which made them an easy target, especially for the gangs of police bikers. Thus, more than 100 protesters were arrested.

After all this was an antifascist protest and at least half of the greek police force, according to voting statistics, has voted for the neonazi party “Golden Dawn” that its members were responsible and have been charged for the murder of Pavlos Fyssas. So in reality, yesterday the antifascist protest was not just attacked by police, but in essence was attacked by neonazis in police uniforms.

Following the arrests, approximately 300 people gathered for many hours in solidarity outside the police headquarters, demanding the release of the protesters in police custody. It is yet unknown how many people were released or have been charged.

Remember Killah P! Death to the fascists!

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Okay Scotland thank you that was all very exciting, now back to your regularly scheduled colonialist neo-liberalism.